Our Franchise Consultant Portfolio

At Raintree, we pride ourselves on being different from any other franchise consultant out there. As a success-driven company, we don’t do contracts. What that means for you is our services are risk-free. Decades of working with franchises has taught us that what our clients want is sales. Not promises, not fancy words, and definitely not contracts. Fortunately, with 175 years of collective experience, we’re experts in making sales happen.

So, feel free to reach out and sign up! We believe in pure performance, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our current clients have found impressive success thanks to our well-rounded franchise marketing program.

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Our Franchise Consulting Portfolio

Cheba Hut

Whoever said stoners won’t ever amount to anything certainly never met the Cheba Hut crew. These quintessential “anti-establishment” kids grew up to be more successful than the average office-working joe. After establishing a strong brand message around their cannabis-themed sandwich shop, Cheba Hut stood strong at 11 corporate locations and 14 franchises. Wanting to take things further, they reached out to us for tip on how expand their franchise growth.

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Impressed with their fun attitudes and hunger for success, our team got to work right away. Honing in on their unique message, we helped Cheba Hut partner with like-minded individuals to both improve their overall success and maintain brand consistency. 

“We love doing business with people of the Raintree team, and not necessarily an outside broker,” said Cheba Hut’s Seth Larsen, a reflection on the importance of modern franchise consulting company tools. According to Larsen, our internal processes and sales team did “great job at a very high level” to take Cheba Hut to the level they were pursuing. In fact, 2019 reached epic proportions for sales and all current CHeba Hut territories are sold out. Right on (as Seth would say)!

Authentic. Honest. Driven.

We are a group of individuals who share the same desire to become the leading experts in our fields in the world of franchise development. From franchise designers to lead generators and franchise sales experts, we simply want to be the best. We also hang our hats on some of the most impressive growth stories in recent franchise history.

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franchise consulting company

With 4 decades of experience, Screenmobile is one of the most well-established franchise companies in the home improvement industry. CEO Scott Walker worked hard to find success in the screen repair and replacement niche before franchising. With a mobile concept that was sustainable and scalable, he was able to average about 3 Franchise sales per year. He knew this concept was appealing to investors, but he felt he had some trouble gaining enough initial interest. While shopping around for a franchise consulting company, he was unimpressed with the contract-based proposals and fancy words. When he found Raintree, however, he found their “straightforward, real language and practicality [to be] totally different than the other franchise development companies.”

When we began working with Screenmobile, we were impressed by their strong brand and positive numbers. Focusing on these strengths, we developed a unified message and strong franchise marketing program that helped take Screenmobile to the next level. Their sales per year tripled to an average range of 8-12 new Franchise Locations annually. 

This is but a small snapshot of our success as a franchise consulting company. Take a look at our reviews page to see who else we’ve worked with. 

Ready to become our next franchise success story? 


Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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