Out of Ideas? Gain Inspiration on Franchise Development with Raintree

Developing a marketing plan can be difficult when you’re also responsible for managing your franchise brand. Unless you’re a marketing expert, it’s impossible to keep up with the ever changing trends, platforms, and best practices that make up the marketing world.

If you feel like you’re short on ideas and drowning under the rising tide of marketing demands, Raintree has got you covered. As a franchise consulting firm, all we focus on is marketing. We’ve got plenty of time and more than enough brain power to stay ahead of the marketing game. So, when it comes to inspiration and strategic franchise development, we are the ones you can count on.

Why Raintree for Franchise Development?

Drawing on 175 years of collective franchise sales experience, Raintree is a multi-talented and knowledgeable team. Though we’ve all got different skills, we work collectively to bring our clients the best results in the franchise development industry.

In order to cover all bases for our clients, we’ve broken up our skilled members into distinct categories:

Brand Management

Our brand guys have the power to see into the soul of your company and bring forth that message that makes you stand out. Their job is to help you define who you are and maintain that message in all marketing efforts.


We all know the power of the written word, and our content team members are experts in this field. Concise brand messaging will fill your website, blogs, brochures and more.


What good is a brand message without beautiful imagery to back it up? The design team has got you covered on photos, videos and more.


While building your brand is important, the whole reason we do it is to generate leads. You get a whole entire lead team dedicated to inbound and outbound strategies. We love conversion!

Sales Qualification

We know you want sales, but we also know you want to make sure you’re partnering with entrepreneurs that are dedicated to your brand. Our sales qualification team picks out the good apples from the bad ones, leaving you with the perfect harvest.


Once we’ve got to this point, our expert sales team will walk your qualified investors all the way to the finish line.

franchise development
When you partner with Raintree, you get your own personalized franchise developer program that covers all the above categories. Each team is comprised of no less than 6 talented individuals. You’ll be in direct contact regularly with the team leads, ensuring you’re in the know with all strategic efforts.

Inspiration From the Heart

At Raintree, inspiration comes easy because we are truly passionate about what we do. You may think we’re crazy; the marketing field is overwhelming, everchanging, and expansive. But we love it! We think operating a franchise is a little crazy, and we’re impressed that you can do it. So let’s work together, and keep doing what keeps us inspired.

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