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If your franchise has grown to the point that you’re searching for professional marketing assistance, then you’re doing something right!


Developing a franchise that can sustain itself and succeed across multiple locations is a feat to be proud of. When it comes to taking it to the next level, a franchise consultant can help you get there.

Marketing a franchise is a full time job in and of itself and it’s unlikely you have the time needed to dedicate to it.


Growing franchises starts with developing a strong brand and ends with closing sales. There’s a lot of steps in between, however. Building a website, marketing across various platforms, social media, reputation management, conference presence, generating leads, maintaining contacts and more. So, how do you choose a franchise consultant that is qualified to help you tackle all of these steps?

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While you’re searching for a franchise marketing agency, keep a lookout for these important qualities:



The marketing and sales industry has experienced rapid changes in the past decades as technology has changed the way consumers interact. In order to capture an audience, you’ll need a franchise consultant team that knows how to navigate this dynamic field with grace, something that takes years of experience. WIth 175 years of collective experience, Raintree Franchise Sales is a franchise consulting company that has seen it all.



If you’re looking to attract qualified entrepreneurs, you’ll need to hire a team that takes the time to understand who you are and what your business stands for. At Raintree, we follow a strict qualification process so we can narrow down candidates to the investors that truly fit your business model.

A Well-Rounded Team

Strong sales skills are key to growing franchises, but they’re just one piece of the puzzle. Without marketing experience or lead generation knowledge, no sales can be made. So, while franchise brokers may try and sell you with their sales background, what you really need is a well-rounded team. When you partner with Raintree, that’s just what you get. With a head content creator, designer, lead manager, sales qualifier, sales manager and a brand manager, your personal team covers all the basics of growing franchises.

Impressive Portfolio

As experience is key, so is the proof to back it up. Does your franchise consultant have a well rounded portfolio?

An Ability to Market in Economic Downturn

This last one is interesting as it’s probably something you have thought about yet. But, the reality is that our economy is constantly fluctuating and, whether we like it or not, downturn is inevitable. A truly experienced franchise consultant will be able to help you maintain sales and brand presence no matter the state of the economy. At Raintree, we are well aware that marketing is a key strategy to riding out recession, and we maintain your brand presence through both ups and downs.

Why You Can’t go Wrong With Raintree

If you’re hiring a franchise consultant, you want someone you can trust. That’s why Raintree is a performance driven business. We aren’t into long-term contracts because they give off that ‘not so trustworthy’ vibe. If at any time you feel our partnership isn’t working out, just simply give us a heads up and we will transition the franchise broker program back to you! Here are some other reasons why you can’t go wrong with Raintree:

Results Focused

We have awarded over 2,000 franchises since we began our franchise broker program – we’re just getting started.

Proven Sales

Our sales experience rivals that of other franchise consultant companies.

Fiscally Responsible

We work with you, not against you (so you don’t have to give away all of your franchise fees).

Minimal Risk

We offer high performance based partnerships with no strict contracts or requirements.

Founder Experience

We’ve been in the franchise game as well – with over 30 years experience as franchise owners, we can guide you on more than just sales.

Innovative Team

Our innovative and creative team is up to speed on the latest marketing and sales techniques and we are happy to share them with you.

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