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Franchising isn’t as easy as it may seem. It takes more than having a successful business and selling your idea to eager investors. If you want to grow a franchise brand that is successful, you’ll need a solid foundation. Raintree is a franchise sales company that focuses on growing franchises from the ground up. Unlike other franchise consultants that focus solely on generating sales, Raintree helps your business create a franchise brand that is inheretantly sellable. We take the time to research your current company, build a strong brand, and create a franchise program that has a lot to offer. Our sales team are experts in what investors are looking for and we take the time to match your company to their values. As a company, you want to partner with investors who share the same ideals as you. We realize that when it comes to franchise sales, quality is just as (and even more so) important that quantity. We create success and foster quality relationships by growing franchises from seed to full, beautifully blooming companies.

Why You Can’t go Wrong With Raintree

If you’re hiring a franchise consultant, you want someone you can trust.

That’s why Raintree is a performance driven business. We aren’t into long-term contracts because they give off that ‘not so trustworthy’ vibe. If at any time you feel our partnership isn’t working out, just simply give us a heads up and we will transition the franchise broker program back to you! Here are some other reasons why you can’t go wrong with Raintree:

Results Focused

We have awarded over 2,000 since we began our franchise broker program – we’re just getting started.

Proven Sales

Our sales experience rivals that of other franchise consultant companies.

Fiscally Responsible

We work with you, not against you (so you don’t have to give away all of your franchise fees).

Minimal Risk

We offer high performance based partnerships with no strict contracts or requirements.

Founder Experience

We’ve been in the franchise game as well – with over 30 years experience as franchise owners, we can guide you on more than just sales.

Innovative Team

Our innovative and creative team is up to speed on the latest marketing and sales techniques and we are happy to share them with you.

From Seed to Success

Like plants that need light, water, soil, and air to grow strong and healthy, franchises need content and design, lead generation, brand management, and sales to grow into healthy, strong franchise brands. Growing franchises is a bit more complicated than growing you average house plant, but every expert franchise consultant of Raintree Sales has it down to a science. By focusing on these four keys to success, we create brands that have strong roots and healthy growth.

After partnering with Raintree in 2018, in the first quarter, they brought us 34 new franchise agreements. Their results absolutely blew our minds! —


Raintree created a plan for us to achieve a 350% increase in one year. We hit that goal by September. They’re genuine people who do what they say they’ll do.


We used another development option for two years and only did two deals. Raintree came in on track for 20 units in the calendar year. —


We are experts at growing franchises into robust, sellable franchises by sticking to our four process of franchise marketing:

franchise development


This is where we plant the seed. Every successful company begins with strong branding. Our content and design team are experts at creating meaningful messages and beautiful aesthetics, making companies appealing to both consumers and investors. We work hard to help you create a message that attracts investors who share the same ideologies and passions as you so your company can expand in an organic, consistent way.

franchise lead generation


Once we’ve sprouted your company into a blooming brand with a strong message, we will focus on strengthening its roots with generating interest and sales leads. We use a wide range of inbound and outbound strategies that focus on attracting the right people. Our team covers everything from SEO, social media, and email campaigning to lead conversion.

franchise consultant


Just as plants need weeding and pruning to stay healthy, so do franchise companies need rigorous brand management. We work hard to make sure your brand is consistently represented in the best light possible. From broker and public relations to reporting and scheduling, we have you covered.

growing franchises


The whole reason we work so hard in growing franchises is so that we can sell them! Our sales team are experts in identifying quality candidates and closing deals. From seed to success, Raintree Sales is the franchise consultant that you can count on.

franchise consultant

If you’re reading to start growing franchises, contact us today to get started.


Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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