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Soaring high above the canopy, a towering tropical forest tree once began as a lowly seed. Raintree is a franchise marketing group that was founded upon the same principles of growth that we observe so beautifully in nature. With plenty of air, water, light, and soil, plants are able to shoot strong roots into the earth, serving as their foundation for healthy growth. At Raintree, our focus is growing franchises with strong roots. Starting with the seed, or core of your business, our franchise marketing team can grow your franchise from the ground up, leading to towering success.

The Seed of a Successful Franchise

Something that is often overlooked in any business, franchise system or not, is the importance of building a strong foundation of values. Consumers today are interested in the mission behind a product – what are the values, mission, and goals of the business. As a Franchisor, the values that define your business should also extend to your franchise program. If you want to attract the right investors, you must be able to show them why you stand out. 

At Raintree, we look at the core values of a brand as a seed. Similar to the four essentials of growth found in nature (air, water, light, and soil), our four core services can nurture a franchise’s seed into a successful brand. Our talented team is dedicated to helping you define these core elements in order to help you grow franchise locations. Once you have defined what it is that makes your business stand out from the industry, we will nurture your brand with:

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Just as buyers today demand a story, they want a beautiful design to go with it. Our design team will help you develop content, graphics, and logos that paint a unique picture of what your brand stands for. Investors interested in your franchise will be provided with beautifully constructed PDFs, brochures, franchise reports, and other materials. 

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175 years of collective franchise sales experience has taught our team the smartest way to approach growing franchises. Instead of outdated marketing channels and franchise brokers, we offer our clients a robust lead generation approach that integrates various inbound, outbound, and conversion resources.

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After we’ve helped you develop a strong brand, our team will work endless to maintain your reputation. You can count on us for positive reception PR, trade shows, broker relations, and more. 

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Our proven Discovery process is the key to our sales success. After narrowing down leads, we will walk each potential franchisee through the Discovery process in order to capture qualified entrepreneurs. As the final phase in our process, successful sales of your franchise ensure continued growth. 

Growing franchises is hard labor.

Like the farmers who toil endlessly caring for their crop, the Raintree team is dedicated to the nurture and growth of your franchise brand. Contact us today to learn more about growing your franchise from the ground up.

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Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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