Franchise Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Traditional advertising channels no longer serve major franchise companies. Marketing is constantly evolving and online tools and platforms now play more of an important role than ever before. If your franchise is relying on outdated advertising forms such as a franchise broker and print brochures, it will be difficult to get your name out there.

Understanding this new landscape of franchise marketing can be difficult. From developing a strong brand message to creating focused lead generation there’s a lot of organization and planning involved.

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Some of the most common problems that Franchisors face when creating marketing campaigns include:


The biggest failure for any franchise brand is a weak brand message. If you want people to invest in you, the product you’re selling must be supported by a recognizable brand. Investors look for brands that they know will win their customers over; as a Franchisor, you must be able to win over both your customers and Franchise Owners.

Untargeted Lead Generation

While creating a brand with a strong enough scope to be recognized on a large scale, your lead generation must be targeted to local areas. Marketing campaigns should maintain brand consistency while appealing to the individuals needs of each community you wish to be present in.


Poor Quality Content

Content is king in the modern day of digital marketing. Users are looking for a tailored online experience that speaks directly to their interests. If you want investors to open their wallets, you must entice them with a strong voice, a unified message and beautiful imagery.


Lack of Coordination

Bringing together all of these aspects in an organized way can be difficult. For successful marketing campaigns, your whole team should be organized in executing each step and process flawlessly.

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Do any of the above pitfalls sound familiar to you? Don’t be discouraged if your company has faced difficulty in marketing its franchise program. These are common problems seen across the industry. Raintree Sales, a franchise consulting company with over 175 collective years of marketing and sales, is here to help.

The average franchisor sells
4.5 franchises a year.

The average Raintree brand sells
21.5 franchises a year.

Our comprehensive franchise development program ensures all Raintree brands generate leads from a wide variety of channels and platforms; resulting in more qualified buyers and lower recruitment costs. Watch our video to learn how.

Raintree – Your Modern Franchise Broker

Are you ready to say goodbye to outdated, failing systems and hello to franchise sales? Raintree has built a comprehensive franchise marketing program that solves all the problems listed above. Our team has seen it all, from brand development to lead generation, and we’ve come together to offer the perfect solution.

Our franchise marketing program is focused on four main pillars:

  • Content & Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Management
  • Franchise Sales


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By providing you with four distinct teams, each responsible for one of the above focuses, we offer a well-rounded franchise marketing program. Unlike any other franchise broker of the past that focused solely on sales, we help you develop and create a strong brand message that will unify your corporation and all individual locations. This unified approach helps you stand out from the competition, sell more locations, and sustain growth over time.


Stop living in the past – embrace a future of success today with Raintree Sales.



Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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