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Are you frustrated by a lack of sales for your franchise brand? When you have a solid business plan, favorable unit economics, and a unique idea, it’s easy to think that sales will easily roll in. Unfortunately, without the right franchise marketing systems, this isn’t always the case. While there’s no doubt your franchise brand is successful, if you don’t have the experience or tools to market your brand, it can be difficult to get ahead in franchise sales. That’s where we come in. With over 175 years of collective experience, Raintree Franchise Sales is a franchise consulting company that has the knowledge you need to get ahead.

Through a robust content development and brand management system, we are able to successfully generate various viable leads. We understand the latest innovations of the franchise marketing world and we’ve created a system that allows us to extend your brand’s presence into each and every viable platform. Through websites, video, social media, blog, trade shows, advertising, and email campaigns, we help your brand attract potential clients. By clearly outlining the uniqueness of your brand, we are able to attract clients that are a great fit for your company. We then take these leads and convert them into sales so you can continue expanding your franchise brand.

Franchise Lead Generation

We incorporate robust inbound & outbound marketing strategies for our high-growth franchise partners, where quality content is published on the right marketing channels to intercept qualified buyers and pull them towards the opportunity.

Lead Conversion Made Easy with Our Sales Team

The most important part of our process is lead conversion. There wouldn’t be a point into putting all the effort into brand management if it didn’t produce sales! Our franchise consulting company is a results driven business and sales are the results you are looking for. We get you the results by following three simple steps:

Follow Up

Each lead receives 6 phone calls, 4 text messages, 10 initial emails, and 1 LinkedIn connection to provide them with information and get them excited about your franchise opportunity. This allows them to ask questions and become more comfortable with your brand.

Candidate Selection

Because our lead generation system is so effective, you may find yourself with too many candidates. That’s why we help you sift through them and find the Franchise Owners that are the best fit for your brand.

Closing the Deal

Once we’ve matched you with the perfect franchisee, we close the deal for you. All you’ll need to do is approve their application and we will take care of the rest.

Meet Your New Franchise Development Team

Trying to run your own franchise development within your company’s framework with just a few employees isn’t going to get you very far. Additionally, traditional franchise brokers that work alone also struggle to make meaningful sales.

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At Raintree, our franchise marketing team is made up of six different development teams that each have a minimum of 6 individual team members. When you work with Raintree, you’ll be communicating directly with a lead content creator, designer, lead manager, sales qualifier, sales manager, and a brand manager.

These experienced franchise development professionals work together to create a cohesive message for your brand. Our goal is to bolster your brand’s overall message and presence in order to present a valuable product to potential Franchise Owners. By creating a franchise marketing plan that covers all the bases, we are able to generate more relevant sales leads. You’ll be amazed at what our team can do (and how fast they can do it).

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Inquire About our Franchise Marketing Systems Today

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If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise marketing systems, feel free to reach out! We will schedule a brief initial call so we can get to know you and your brand. Our franchise consulting company is proud to support both seasoned and emerging franchise brands. If you’ve got great unit economics, a unique concept, and an appetite for growth (and the ability to support that growth), then you’re more than likely a good candidate. When it comes to franchise development, we are the team you can count on.

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Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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