Franchise Marketing During Coronavirus

During times of crisis, fears of economic uncertainty arise for many in the general population.

Loss of profit and unemployment are two of the main negative factors caused by recession.

The current ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has started the most current recession and many franchisors are wondering how to weather this crisis.

While adopting CDC and WHO health recommendations and communication with customers, Franchise Owners, and the corporate office is essential for mitigation of the current situation, what can franchisors do to prepare for the future?

According to a famous adage, “when times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.” The importance of franchise marketing during recession has been proven again and again.

Why Marketing is Key to Recession Recovery

While most businesses put the breaks on spending when recession hits, advertising should remain top priority. Studies covering recession years since the 1920s have shown that:

Businesses that continue advertising and marketing efforts during recession are better able to keep sales stable and remain ahead of businesses that cut marketing spending.

Companies that cut back on advertising during recession have a much harder time recovering than those that maintain marketing spending.

Those that maintain advertising during recession are more likely to sustain growth both during and after the recession ends.

Long term branding strategies are a good approach to recession marketing campaigns.

Improve Your Recesion Resilience with Raintree

As a franchise marketing company, Raintree has seen both the negative and positive of a fluctuating economy.

While we are continuing to search for the secret to developing completely recession proof franchises, for now we must accept that the pressures of economic depression are inescapable. We don’t let economic unknowns stop us from providing quality franchise consulting services, however. During times of uncertainty, we continue to do what we do best – develop solid franchise marketing strategies that bring in thousands of leads and win solid partnerships.

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How we can help your brand turn into recession proof franchises during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Building a Strong Brand

The best way to weather a recession is by maintaining a strong brand image. With beautiful design, concise content and brand reputation, Raintree can help you build trust with both customers and potential investors.

Developing Long Term Plans

While the ongoing recession may seem like it will last forever, the future ahead is bright. At Raintree, we help our clients stay focused in the present while planning for the future.

Finding the Right People

Many franchises actually experience an uptick in investments during recession due to increased unemployment. Raintree can help you navigate all leads in order to choose entrepreneurs that fit right with your organization.

Start Marketing your Recession Proof Franchises with Raintree Today

Don’t let the economic uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic straggle your franchise into demise. We can help you navigate the waters of this uncharted territory. Our talented team of franchise consultants are not new to marketing in a fluctuating economy – 150 years of collective experience allows us to serve you better.

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Our Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results. Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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