How Will Coronavirus Affect my Franchise?

Recession is hardly predictable, but the current one has hit hard. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unravels globally, businesses and consumers across the nation are taking a hit. If you are wondering just how badly COVID-19 will affect your franchise, you’re not alone. Thousands of franchise businesses across the nation are in the same position, and those that do not offer what are considered essential services face closures.

The silver lining of this crisis-induced recession? A quick comeback.

Most economic experts agree that although the economy is taking a hard hit now, once the pandemic settles down, it should surge right back up. For franchisors, the most important thing you can do is develop a franchise marketing strategy that communicates strength, resilience and hope to both customers and potential investors.

Why Franchise Marketing is Important in Recession

Marketing and advertising studies conducted throughout the decades since the 1920s have shown that businesses that cut back on marketing during recession are worse off than businesses that maintain marketing strategies.

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For franchisors, this is doubly important.

During recession, many individuals face unemployment. As layoffs begin, distrust in the traditional workforce grows. Many individuals turn to entrepreneurship and the security that self employment offers. For this very reason, many franchise brands actually see a surge in leads during recession. Maintaining a strong franchise marketing campaign during this time can help you attract new investors.

Raintree Sales is a franchise consultant firm that can help you develop a well-rounded franchise marketing campaign no matter the state of the economy.

With our four core foundation approach to marketing and sales, we can help you build nearly recession proof franchises.

What Makes Recession Proof Franchises?

While we would love to claim the ability to recession proof franchises, we’ve yet to find the secret. Unfortunately, all businesses will be affected by economic depression. The difference comes in just how damaging those effects are.

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How do we build brands that can withstand the pressures of recession?

Content and Design

Investors are interested in brands that tell a story, companies that make a difference. Without the words and imagery to show how your franchise stands out from the competition, you’re unlikely to attract interest. Our content and design experts help you tell your story.

Lead Generation

The days of any franchise broker long gone. At Raintree, we use robust targeting campaigns to generate leads. Including social, advertising, PR, trade shows, email campaigns, analytics and more, our lead generation program puts your franchise in front of the right audience.

Brand Management

We help you build a strong brand message and we help you maintain your reputation. As the point of contact, we help you communicate in a concise way to potential investors and the public.

Franchise Sales

The final step in our well-rounded franchise marketing campaign? Helping you close deals. We’ll narrow down leads to the individuals that best fit your organization and then walk them through the entire process, until they sign their name on your franchise agreement.

Partner with us today for stability like recession proof franchises in a fluctuating market.


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