Thank you for your interest in presenting Le Macaron to your clients! As the Brand Manager, I work directly with consultants on a daily basis hosting education calls, answering questions, providing content and photos for ads, and whatever else you might need to be successful. Once you refer a client to Le Macaron they will be working specifically with our Development Director through the education process. We look forward to working with you and ultimately closing deals together!


Lana Mazin | Director of Brand Development

The Le Macaron Education Process

In an effort to be a great partner and communicate in real-time, any consultant who sends us a referral will receive automated emails as your client progresses through the above process as well as regular check-ins with our Development Director. We feel communication is key to working together and ultimately closing deals!


Once we receive your referral we enter your client’s information into our CRM and park them at this stage. Within 15 minutes of adding them to the CRM, they will receive an email and a text message asking them to schedule a call with the Le Macaron Development Director. If they do not schedule a call at this point, we email and text them again 3 days later and then 8 days after that.


Once an initial call is scheduled, individuals are moved into this stage. If you would like to be part of the initial call, we are happy to host you- just let the Development Director know as they are scheduling!


After a successful Discovery Day, our Development Director moves your client to FDD Review. They receive a link to our FDD and during this review call, our Development Director walks them through the entire document and answers questions to make sure they feel comfortable.


At this stage our Founders will host an interview with your client to answer any clarifying questions and to review the opportunity more in-depth.


During Peer Review your client will have the opportunity to speak directly to the current Le Macaron French Pastries Franchise Owners. This is a two-fold process; they get to ask questions about what it’s like to own and operate a location while our Franchise Owners get to learn more about your client and provide us with feedback on whether or not they feel they would make a good addition to the Le Macaron family.


Since we are a very unique concept in America, we feel that your clients need to come and see us to get the full flavor of the business. At Discovery Day, which takes place in Sarasota, Florida, your client will meet the corporate team, tour the confectionary, see the business model in action, and eat as many french pastries as they’d like!


Congratulations, it has been mutually decided this is a great fit for both parties! Thank you for referring us the perfect Le Macaron partner. At this point, you should feel satisfied you just changed an entrepreneur’s life, and to thank you for your effort, we are happy to write you a commission check!

The Le Macaron Development Team

These are the people you will be speaking with and hearing about as your client immerses themselves in the Le Macaron education process. Our team works closely to ensure your client has all the necessary information they need to make the right decision for themselves and their families!

Kera Vo
Development Director 

Kera’s role is primarily described above and includes taking your client through the education process and being their main point of contact. Kera will be your go-to for any specific questions on your client and the progress they are making.

Lana Mazin
Director of Brand Development

Lana’s primary focus is consultant education and support. If you have questions on Le Macaron or want to learn the model more in-depth before referring a client Lana is happy to hop on an education call at any time!

Nicky Burgener
Development Manager

Nicky’s primary role is to ensure every candidate referred to Kera is qualified to enter the education process. We are looking for individuals with $75K in liquid capital, $250K in net worth, and who are ready to pull the trigger on a decision within 6 months.

Linton Dowling
Marketing Director 

Linton oversees the creation of all Le Macaron related marketing materials. He works diligently with his team to provide your clients with Franchise Information Reports, One-Pagers, and websites that accurately portray our value proposition and culture.

Sasha Cogswell
Creative Director

Sasha takes all our materials and makes them beautiful! From the website to the prospect presentation your client will watch, Sasha has designed everything to convey the look and feel of Le Macaron.

Alana Willis
Content Specialist

Alana’s focus is capturing the essence of Le Macaron in our marketing materials and getting your client excited and interested to move forward with our education process.

Le Macaron Sharable Videos

Give your clients a first-hand look at what it means to own a Le Macaron franchise with these shareable videos.

In order to share, press the play button and then click on the paper airplane in the top right hand corner of the video. From here you can easily share on social media or copy/paste the Vimeo URL. It’s that easy!

Features to Highlight When Presenting Le Macaron


We handle all baking and preparation in our Le Macaron French Pastries confectionary kitchen. By delivering all pastries fresh to each location, we effectively eliminate on-site production; making the operational aspect of running a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise that much easier!


We offer traditional pastry shops, permanent kiosks, mobile kiosks, and food trucks to ensure there is a version of Le Macaron French Pastries for everyone! By combining and utilizing multiple models, there is an amazing opportunity for Franchise Owners to have numerous options to expand and scale their business and take advantage of cross-marketing and multiple revenue streams.


Our traditional pastry shops require a small footprint, 800-1,000 square feet, which means finding real estate can be quick and easy! In addition, our kiosks offer many different venue options including malls, airports, event centers, and more and our food trucks can drive to where the customers are!


As a brand founded by a mother-daughter team we are extremely family-focused. Within our system, we have many husband-wife teams, parents and their children, or siblings who have started the business together.


While prior business ownership experience would be extremely beneficial, it is not a requirement. We have worked with many first time entrepreneurs and enjoy helping people to fulfill their dreams. Also, we do not require a background in food service or retail. Our Le Macaron French Pastries support team is confident in helping Owners from various backgrounds become successful.

Le Macaron Downloadable Materials to Share with Clients

Brand Overview

Franchise Report

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