Thank you for your interest in presenting Anago Cleaning to your clients! As the Brand Manager, I work directly with consultants on a daily basis hosting education calls, answering questions, providing content and photos for ads, and whatever else you might need to be successful. Once you refer a client to Anago Cleaning they will be working specifically with the Development Director through the education process. We look forward to working with you and ultimately closing deals together!


Charlotte Wagner | Brand Manager

The Anago Education Process

In an effort to be a great partner and communicate in real-time, any consultant who sends us a referral will receive automated emails as your client progresses through the above process as well as regular check-ins with the Development Director. We feel communication is key to working together and ultimately closing deals!


Once we receive your referral, we enter your client’s information into our CRM and park them at this stage. Within 15 minutes of adding them to the CRM, they will receive an email and a text message asking them to schedule a call with the Anago’s Development Director. If they do not schedule a call at this point, we email and text them again 3 days later and then 8 days after that.


Once an initial call is scheduled, individuals are moved into this stage. If you would like to be part of the initial call, we are happy to host you- just let our Development Director know as he is scheduling!


Before disclosing your client with the Franchise Disclosure Document, they will be asked for “proof of funds.” This can be a financial statement or screenshot of an account balance showing the investment of $250k+ is feasible.


After reviewing the business model, our Development Director will review our FDD with your client. They receive a link to our FDD and during this call, our Development Director walks them through the entire document and answers questions to make sure they feel comfortable.


After all of your client’s questions have been answered on the FDD, it’s time to start speaking with our Executive Team. Our Development Director will introduce your client to VP – Judy Walker. Judy becomes the main point of contact for your client at this stage. After the call with Judy, your client will speak with Anago’s President – Adam Povlitz.


During the Validation Call, your client will have the opportunity to speak directly to Anago Master Owners. This is a two-fold process; they get to ask questions about what it’s like to own and operate an Anago. Also, Anago Master Owners get to learn a little about your client, and provide feedback on whether or not they feel it is a good fit.


Following an executive review of your client’s progress through the first six steps, we will then invite your client to our corporate headquarters in South Florida to spend the day with the Anago Executive Team. They will get to tour our existing locations to see the business model in action, meet current Master Owners, and spend time with our Founder.


This is the final interview before a decision is made. Our Team answers any remaining questions for your client before deciding whether the fit is mutually beneficial.


Congratulations, it has been mutually decided this is a great fit for both parties! Thank you for referring us the perfect Anago partner. At this point, you should feel satisfied you just changed an entrepreneur’s life, and to thank you for your effort, we are happy to write you a commission check!

The Anago Cleaning Development Team

These are the people you will be speaking with and hearing about as your client immerses themselves in the Anago education process. Our team works closely to ensure your client has all the necessary information they need to make the right decision for themselves and their families!

Kyle Christie
Development Director 

Kyle ’s role is primarily described above and includes taking your client through the education process and being their main point of contact. Kyle will be your go-to for any specific questions on your client and the progress they are making.

Charlotte Wagner
Brand Manager

Charlotte’s primary focus is consultant education and support. If you have questions on Anago or want to learn the model more in-depth before referring a client, Charlotte is happy to hop on an education call at any time!

Consultant Testimonials

“I enjoy the sophisticated nature of the business model and the fact that it is a Master opportunity. Not to mention, the strength of the industry is undeniable, especially right now! It validates incredibly well, which is always refreshing to see. And the support from the corporate team is second to none. I like their individualized and personal approach with clients and Owners.”

FranServe Consultant

“It was great working with (Development Director) Kyle. He stayed engaged and gave my client very transparent, straightforward feedback. He was very process-oriented and made sure my client stuck to the process as well. He also kept me informed and up to speed every step of the way.”

FranServe Consultant

“Anago’s marketing materials and well-organized presentations stood out to them compared to other brands they researched. In addition to that, the validation was excellent and made them feel very confident. And, finally, the uniqueness and professionalism of the Virtual Discovery Day really made an impression on them.”

FranServe Consultant

Anago Cleaning Sharable Videos

Give your clients a first-hand look at what it means to own an Anago franchise with these shareable videos.

Just find the SHARE icon in the bottom right beneath the video. From here you can easily share on social media, via email, or copy/paste the YouTube URL. It’s that easy!

Features to Highlight When Presenting Anago Cleaning


There is no need to purchase multiple territories or units to make a profit. Our large protected territory of 500,000 minimum population will translate into high revenues for our Master Owners. Typically, our Master Owners have an even larger territory of 1-3 Million with our low Franchise Fee staying at $98,000.


An Anago Master Franchise Owner’s revenue is not only consistent but diversified across twelve primary revenue streams. Master Owner’s collect fees from the Units for handling the ”daytime aspects” of their cleaning business for them, so they don’t have to worry about things like insurance, advertising, supplies, or finding additional contracts for their business to clean.


With predictable cash flow, recurring revenue and residual income our Owners take advantage of being strongly positioned within a recession-resistant industry. Our top quartile average revenue is $5.5 Million with a system-wide average revenue of $2.4 Million.


This is an executive business model, Monday-Friday, 9-5. As the CEO of their own franchising company, Owners control their time in and out of the office and never have to work nights or weekends. In addition, we have a proprietary cloud-based and mobile software system to run every aspect of the business from wherever they are.


Cleaning cannot be outsourced by a foreign country or replaced by the internet. Every business needs to be cleaned by someone, even during times of economic hardship!


We have very little overhead – No major real estate investment or construction needed! Our Owners can start with a small office and an administrative assistant and ramp up time is typically 4-6 months. In addition, we allow our Owners to focus on building his/her business faster as we handle all billing and collections and don’t require royalty payments for the first 6 months of operation.

Anago Downloadable Materials to Share with Clients

One Pager

Franchise Report

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