Raintree Ranked as Top 30 Digital Marketing Agency in Denver!

Raintree Ranked as Top 30 Digital Marketing Agency in Denver!

We’re pleased and proud to announce that Raintree has been recognized as one of the Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies in Denver in 2021 by DesignRush. This is a prestigious honor for our outstanding Marketing team and recognizes the innovative, industry-leading digital marketing campaigns they have produced for all Raintree brands.

What is DesignRush?

Raintree ranks in Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies in Denver 2021DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that puts brands in touch with professional full-service agencies, digital marketing firms, web design companies, and top technology companies.

Over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries are listed on the platform, which is consulted by thousands of decision-makers in need of assistance with a project.

“We are truly honored for Raintree to be acknowledged for our digital marketing approach,” said Brent Dowling, CEO of Raintree. “We believe that our deep understanding of digital marketing strategy, combined with a knowledge of how best to use cutting-edge technology, go a long way in the lead generation process for our franchise brands, We plan to continue to move the needle with our creative, innovative digital marketing campaigns that stand out among competitor brands in the franchise space.”

Here at Raintree, we are committed to helping the brands under our umbrella cultivate franchise growth. Our comprehensive, proven franchise development program utilizes an omnichannel approach to ensure that our brands generate quality leads from a broad range of platforms and marketing channels. Our outstanding digital marketing strategy is just one of the many tools we deploy to help our brands see more qualified franchise candidates- and lower recruitment costs- to achieve their desired level of growth.

Hats off to Raintree’s amazing Marketing team led by Marketing Director Linton Dowling– this recognition belongs to you!

Meet Raintree’s June Consultant of the Month: Jason Killough

Meet Raintree’s June Consultant of the Month: Jason Killough

Our June Consultant of the Month, Jason Killough, is a franchise consultant who has made every person at Raintree he’s worked with feel like family. We truly appreciate these types of authentic relationships, so felt it would be fitting to get to know a little bit more about Jason through our Consultant of the Month program!

Tell us about your journey to franchise consulting

I have been in franchising since 1993! I went to school for international relations and wanted to go the foreign service route, but a few years out of college I landed a job with “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt,” a frozen yogurt franchise based out of Dallas. It allowed me the opportunity to travel the world, where I sold master franchises internationally. It was a great way for me to start my career in franchising as a young guy in his twenties fresh out of college!

After that I moved onto Jani-King, helping them open international master franchise offices and coaching master franchise owners how to sell unit franchises.

The international travel was fun for a while, but in 2000 I flipped to domestic franchising. I eventually became the VP of Franchise Development of HomeVestors (We Buy Ugly Houses), leading the franchise development department and team.

In 2009, I decided to join a smaller franchise consultant network, The Entrepreneur Authority, to combine my years of experience in franchising with my passion for coaching and helping others take control of their lives and become their own boss. We partnered with IFPG a few years ago which has been a fantastic relationship!

Raintree's June 2021 Franchise Consultant of the Month- Jason KilloughWhy do you think you have found such success in franchise consulting?

28 years in the industry does not hurt. I have also had the opportunity to have been mentored by some of the top franchisors and executives in the business. My background and depth of knowledge gives me credibility to my candidates, which makes a major difference. 

I also have a genuine interest in helping people. I take the time to get to know my candidates and understand their ultimate goals. From there, I am a matchmaker, not a salesperson. Candidates do not want to be sold, they want to feel like they are buying a franchise. 

What is your favorite thing about being a franchise consultant?

My favorite aspect of consulting is not only helping my candidates find the best fit franchise for them, but helping them find great success. My ultimate goal is that they become top-performing franchise owners in whatever system they join. That should give any good franchise consultant the greatest level of satisfaction because it is a sign that it was a perfect match! I love hearing from franchisors about how my candidates are doing. For example, one of my candidates was rookie of the year for large mature franchisor – how cool is that?  Another has consistently been the #1 franchisee in their system with over 100 franchisees.

What advice do you have for other consultants?

  1. Be honorable and honest! Your candidates are making a major, life-changing decision and they need to be able to trust that you are guiding them in the right direction.
  2. LISTEN to your candidates. Collect a great amount of information/data so that you can paint the picture of who they are, where they came from, where they want to go…there are so many moving parts to finding the right fit franchise.
  3. Provide the value add of being a coach and advisor. Connect them with funding partners, accountants, franchise attorneys, and anyone else who can help them on their journey of making an informed business decision. Use your resources!


Thank you, Jason, for your continued partnership and for taking the time to share your story with us!

Meet Raintree’s May Consultant of the Month: Lance Graulich

Meet Raintree’s May Consultant of the Month: Lance Graulich

Since meeting at a FranServe Conference in 2019, Lance Graulich has been not only a consultant partner but also a friend to many of us here at Raintree. We knew Lance often worked with restaurant concepts, but we had no idea of his involvement in restaurants throughout the years and currently. This interview reminded us why we love the ‘Consultant of the Month’ initiative so much because it allows us to deepen our relationships with the people we work with on a regular basis!  

How and why did you end up in franchising?

I ended up in franchising how a lot of people do, not necessarily on purpose! I have an economics degree and truly thought I was headed for Wall Street, but I ended up working in operations at TGI Friday’s for my uncle who was the largest Franchise Owner at that time. 

From there, I found my stride in the restaurant scene and went on to become a multi-unit Franchise Owner with Wingstop and Krispy Kreme. I also created my own brand with a partner called Pinkbox Donuts in Las Vegas in 2011. Several years later as it was well established and flourishing, I exited.

With the knowledge I gained from owning and operating many restaurant concepts, brands started approaching me for consultative services. I now regularly consult private equity groups and mentor CEOs. 

How did you transition into franchise consulting?

Raintree franchise consultant May 2021The progression to franchise consulting was a natural one. Since I was already consulting for restaurants, I figured I could help entrepreneurs find a business that suited them, even if it was outside the restaurant industry. I started full-time as a franchise consultant six years ago, and I have now been a consultant and a trainer with FranServe, “The World’s Largest Franchise Consulting & Expansion Organization” for two years. 

What is your favorite part of being a franchise consultant?

My favorite part is helping people find their freedom and make the fantasy of franchise ownership a reality! 

When I was first starting out in my career, I couldn’t easily access people who could help me, so I thrive knowing I can be that resource for others. Smart people will always tell you, “when you are looking to do anything, resource up,” and I enjoy being that resource for my clients. 

What tips do you have for other franchise consultants?

1. Write down every sound bite that comes out of your client’s mouth. You never know when you will go back and read your notes and have an a-ha moment from something they said. Also, when you take thorough notes, you are able to really pay attention, be authentic, and they feel that you were listening to them.

2.  Get your clients to open up. Be yourself and genuine, but also being high-energy, engaging, and positive helps clients to relax and tell you honestly what they are looking for, or not looking for!

3.  Ask their permission to show them concepts they wouldn’t expect. By asking their permission, you are setting the expectations that it might not be what they thought of originally, but from an outside perspective, you do believe it matches their goals.

4.  Always be learning. Be humble enough to understand that you don’t know everything and be willing to put in the time to constantly improve yourself and your business. 

Thank you, Lance, for your time and for sharing your story! Raintree loves working with you, and we are excited to continue our partnership!  

Meet our Franchising Consultant of the Month: Amanda Ramirez

Meet our Franchising Consultant of the Month: Amanda Ramirez

Introducing Raintree’s April 2021 Consultant of the Month:

Amanda Ramirez

As we interviewed Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) consultant Amanda Ramirez for  Raintree’s April Consultant of the Month, it was clear to see why she has found such success in her role as a franchise consultant. Not only has she been involved in many various aspects of franchising over the past 6 years, but she also demonstrates a genuine interest in her clients’ future and a true passion for changing lives. We hope that you find this interview as refreshing and inspiring as we did! 

How and why did you get into franchising?

I actually started in the franchise world right out of college as a Project Manager with FranVest Management, an affiliate of the FBA. I had a pre-law degree with a goal to become an immigration attorney, so I focused on working with E2 visa candidates. Not only did it align with what I wanted to do in immigration law, but I also loved the idea of helping people change their lives by coming to the US and starting a business.  

During my time as a Project Manager, I was very involved in the initial ramp-up of the franchise, including site selection, buildout, hiring, training, managing, and operating. As much as I loved project management, I found that I was more excited about the educating and matching process with my clients. In 2015, I transitioned from a Project Manager to Franchise Consultant with FBA so I could focus more on making those connections. I was soon after asked to assist in developing FBA’s 5-week training program as a Franchise National Trainer, which I gladly accepted.

Raintree's April franchising consultant Amanda RamirezWhat is your favorite part of being a franchise consultant?

I am a major advocate of entrepreneurship. I believe that everyone has the power to be in control of their lives and their decisions. If you do not make enough money or have enough time with your family, these are all things that you can change! Franchising is the perfect solution for people who want to start their own business without being completely alone. The ability to help people find business opportunities that will allow them to become the best version of themselves is such a fulfilling experience.  

What is your favorite part about working with Raintree brands?

I can always count on Raintree brands to have a strong discovery process and I know that I will be kept in close communication every step of the way. The process is always extremely thorough as well – by the end of the process my client will have all of the data they need to make an informed decision on whether this is the right opportunity for them. There are no missing pieces or question marks.

What tips do you have for other franchise consultants?

  1. You have to believe in and understand your role. Don’t just think of this as a job – you are changing people’s lives by guiding them to the best franchise opportunity for them. Your clients are counting on you to steer them in the right direction.
  2. Develop a network of Franchisors, consultants, and other individuals who align with your vision.
  3. Never stop learning! The world of franchising is dynamic, fluid, and ever-evolving. It is important to continue educating yourself and staying on top of the latest information.

Congratulations, Amanda, on being Raintree’s April Consultant of the Month! We truly appreciate your continued partnership as we help people take control of their lives through business ownership!

Introducing Raintree’s March Franchise Consultant: Jim Olson

Introducing Raintree’s March Franchise Consultant: Jim Olson

Introducing Raintree’s March 2021 Consultant of the Month: Jim Olson

When we had the chance to interview Business Alliance Inc (BAI) consultant, Jim Olson, we were extremely surprised to find out he has only been a franchise consultant for four years. With all the success Raintree has had with him and the professionalism he brings to the industry, we thought he had been in this role for much longer! During our interview, Jim explained why the transition into franchise consulting was such an easy one for him as well as why he enjoys this profession so much. 

How and why did you get into franchising? 

My background prior to franchise consulting was in the financial industry. I previously worked at JP Morgan, Chase, and American Express. In 2016, there was a corporate setback at American Express and my entire division was laid off. I wasn’t interested in retiring so I looked at other options that were available to me. 

During my time in the financial sector, I worked with many Franchisees and Franchisors. In that role, I was drilling down and learning about my customer’s businesses and evaluating solutions to their problems. It was a bit different than consulting because it was financial products vs franchises but the skill sets needed were very similar. I ended up finding BAI and joined the network in early 2017.     

Raintree franchise consultant of the month Jim OlsonWhat is your favorite part of being a franchise consultant? 

What I enjoy most is being able to engage with people who are truly interested in improving their situation. I enjoy trying to help people and helping individuals find solutions that solve their problems. 

I especially love hearing that through a placement I make, I have improved someone’s life. My favorite placement thus far was with a man who owned a 7-Eleven that ended up being robbed, causing the Night Manager to quit. As the Franchise Owner, he ended up working 16- hour days while not making a liveable wage. I introduced him to a different concept and he ended up selling his 7-Eleven and now lives a much more fulfilled life. That’s truly why I love my role!   

What do you look for in the brands you present? 

I tend to work with home-based businesses because they are easier for people to start. They typically have a lower investment and are more simple to run. Of course, these kinds of businesses aren’t for everyone but I do love placing someone in a home-based concept that has strong validation. 

What is your favorite part about working with Raintree Brands? 

The brands Raintree partners with are great franchises that are always on the uptick and fill a real need in the market. I have found great success with Footprints Floors (5 placements!), and previous Raintree brands Screenmobile and Rush Bowls.  

What tips do you have for other franchise consultants? 

I think it is always extremely important to be genuine and empathetic to your clients. Always try to meet them where they are and understand exactly what is going on in their life that is driving them towards owning a franchise. I also think that it is important to know the brands you are presenting and to have a solid relationship with the development person. 

Thank you, Jim, for taking the time to sit down with us, and thank you for your support of the Raintree Brands! We look forward to continuing our partnership!