Sell more franchises. Keep more of your franchise fees.

Don’t rely solely on outdated, outbound marketing channels or franchise brokers. We’ve built a comprehensive franchise development program that ensures all our brands generate leads from a wide variety of channels and platforms, resulting in more qualified buyers and lower recruitment costs.


franchise development


From franchise websites to franchise reports, ongoing email & social media campaigns, and more. We are big believers in the power of beautifully designed content and we create and manage it all for you.

franchise lead generation


We incorporate robust inbound & outbound marketing strategies for our high-growth franchise partners, where quality content is published on the right marketing channels to intercept qualified buyers and pull them towards the opportunity.

franchise consultant


Achieving franchise hypergrowth requires careful brand management. From building awareness in our network of 1,500 franchise consultants to ensuring excellent communication between stakeholders, we believe nurtured franchises grow the fastest.

franchise marketing


With 175 years of collective franchise sales experience, we know how to successfully walk your candidates through a discovery process and present you with highly qualified candidates who are ready to join your system.

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How do you describe a company like Raintree in just one sentence?

You don’t.

We’re unique. We’re unconventional. We’re pioneers. We’re visionary. Most of all, we’re driven to help our partner brands achieve unequaled levels of success as they strive to grow within their markets and expand their franchise footprint across the country and, in some cases, internationally.

Raintree has comprised a team with over 175 years of collective franchise sales experience to create a holistic approach to helping our brands connect with just the right Franchise Owners. We do this through our comprehensive franchise development program built upon four main tenets: Content & Design, Franchise Lead Generation, Brand Development, and Franchise Sales. Each of our four key services ensure that quality leads are generated for all of our brands from a broad range of platforms and channels, casting a wider net for more qualified buyers and lower recruitment costs.

We’re not crazy about the phrase “one-stop-shop,” but that’s just what Raintree is: from producing beautifully-designed original franchise marketing content for blogs, web, social media, email and more, to generating quality leads and helping qualified investors navigate through the Franchise Education Process, to building and nurturing relationships within our network of 1,500 franchise consultants, Raintree handles the heavy lifting of franchise development, leaving our partner brands free to concentrate on their next steps toward future growth.

Maybe most of all, when you partner with Raintree Franchise Consultants, you will find that we are authentic, hard-working individuals who genuinely care about you and your brand.

We take a dedicated, hands-on approach to help you grow your franchise and celebrate along with you as milestones are reached and goals are achieved. We make it our mission to elevate our partner brands to new levels of growth and success using proven strategies that have placed us at the forefront of franchise sales innovation. At the same time, we strive to do more, learn more, and be more every day.

We have a strong desire to become the leading experts in the field of franchise development and wish to be seen as mentors and thought leaders who can offer you advice on more than just franchise sales. Simply put, we want to be the very best at what we do. We’ve already got a strong track record and some impressive stories of franchise growth, and we look forward to sharing them with you! Let’s grow something amazing together.

Why Raintree?


With over 2,000 franchises awarded in our short history, we’re just getting started.


We have an impressive collective of 175 years of franchise sales experience.


We don’t solely rely on brokers for lead sources, so you don’t have to give away all your franchise fees.


We enjoy performance-based partnerships with minimal retainers and no long-term contracts or equity requirements.


With over 30 years of experience owning franchise brands, we are here to mentor you on more than just franchise sales.


We’re an authentic, creative group who looks to set the industry standard for franchise lead generation.

After partnering with Raintree in 2018, in the first quarter, they brought us 34 new franchise agreements. Their results absolutely blew our minds!


Raintree created a plan for us to achieve a 350% increase in one year. We hit that goal by September. They’re genuine people who do what they say they’ll do.


We used another development option for two years and only did two deals. Raintree came in on track for 20 units in the calendar year.


Our brands say some nice things about us…

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Authentic. Honest. Driven.

We are a group of individuals who share the same desire to become the leading experts in our fields in the world of franchise development. From franchise designers to lead generators and franchise sales experts, we simply want to be the best. We also hang our hats on some of the most impressive growth stories in recent franchise history.

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