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Award-Winning Branding

RainTree Offers Exceptional Service; Recognized as Top in Industry RainTree services include many marketing materials, like website make-overs, to help brands reach their ultimate potential in the franchising world. Of RainTree's many clients, Urban Float and British...

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Bet You Can’t Buy Just One: Delta Sky Magazine

Brent Dowling, CEO of RainTree, a franchise development firm, says that most of the 15 emerging franchises he works with focus primarily on finding multiunit franchisees.

“Multiunit franchisees are usually more sophisticated buyers,” he explains. “We find that multiunit franchisees are more invested in their business. They give it everything they’ve got.”

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Want to sell more franchises? Try sitting back and relaxing.

For years, Franchisors have sought to increase the visibility of their franchise opportunity to potential buyers solely through a variety of outbound marketing tactics. Many of these tactics such as portal advertising, direct mail and trade shows continue to provide...

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How Far Will Fast-Food Restaurants Push Innovation?

By Daniel B. Kline Published September 19, 2016 At a time when Doritos can serve as the base of a taco shell and Cheetos dust has become a star ingredient, it's hard to see where fast-food chains will draw the line. The battle for consumers has gotten so intense that...

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Channel Your Inner Pioneer & Sign With an Emerging Franchise

Entrepreneur Magazine recently interviewed RainTree Co-Founder Brent Dowling along with a number of other industry experts, to find out why entrepreneurs may want to consider signing with an emerging franchise over a mature, larger franchise brand. Here's the story:...

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Franchisees Find Their Passion in a Pet Specialty Store

Franchise Players is Entrepreneur’s Q&A interview column that puts the spotlight on franchisees. If you're a franchisee with advice and tips to share, email ktaylor@entrepreneur.com. After finding their entrepreneurial spirits -- thanks, in part, to their...

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For Emerging Franchisors, Three Mistakes to Avoid

RainTree was recently asked by Franchise Times to provide the most common three mistakes they see emerging franchisors make in their attempt to meet their development goals. Here's the story: Brent Dowling counts three mistakes often made by emerging franchisors in...

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